Friday, January 8, 2016

Firefighter Application for Orlando, Florida Due Today -- January 8, 2016

Orlando Fire Department job application and state requirements due today.

STARTING SALARY between $48,110 and $50,394 based on experience. Additional $3,259 per year for those employed as EMTs; $9,343 for Paramedics. Incentive pay for those assigned to special teams.


General job functions include; (1) Firefighting - Emergency; (2) Firefighting - Non-Emergency; (3) Emergency Medical Services; (4) Work Related Activities. This job is located in the Field Operations Bureau of the Orlando Fire Department and is under the general supervision of the Company Commander. Firefighters will perform individually and/or as a member of a firefighting team and will participate in fire suppression activities including firefighting, rescue, first aid, ventilation, forcible entry, salvage, overhaul, and inspection practices.

THE CITY OF ORLANDO is looking for highly motivated, professional individuals who are seeking a long-term career in fire/rescue. The City of Orlando Fire Department (OFD) provides the community a full range of fire suppression, emergency medical service, hazardous materials management, dive rescue, high angle/below grade tactical rescue, and airport rescue services. The OFD also offers fire prevention/inspection services, city-wide disaster planning and coordination, and public education. The department answers more than 50,000 alarms each year and operates 18 engines, seven tower-ladder trucks, eleven rescues, one heavy rescue and multiple other specialized units (dive, hazmat, arson/bomb, etc.).


Must have Florida State Firefighter certification AND either EMT or Paramedic certification as of January 8, 2016. We do not accept National Registry Firefighter Certification. However, we do accept National Registry EMT and Paramedic certifications for testing purposes. Applicants must also pass a written exam, firefighter skills test, background check, psychological exam and polygraph. Florida State EMT or Paramedic certification required at time of employment.

Note: Those candidates who pass the written exam and Firefighter Skills Test will be instructed to complete another application and will then be placed on the Orlando Fire Department's Hiring Eligibility List. This eligibility list will serve as the list from which Firefighters are hired for approximately the next one to two years.


LONGEVITY:  Annual longevity payment based on years of service: 5 to 10 years, $600; 10 to 15 years, $1100; 15 to 20 years, $1,600; 20 to 22 years, $2,000; 22 years or more, $2,300.

HOURS:  24 hours on, 48 hours off. 48-hour work week, additional 24 hours off (Kelly Day) each 8th working day plus two regular days off.

VACATION: Start to 2 years, 130 hours per year; 2 to 8 years, 156 hours; 8 to 18 years, 206 hours; 18 years to retirement, 250 hours per year.

HOLIDAYS: Eleven paid holidays. Shift personnel receive twelve hours of straight time pay for each holiday.

INSURANCE: Life and health insurance available at 95% cost coverage for employee. Dependent coverage is available.

COLLEGE: 100% reimbursement of educational expenses including tuition and required books up to $1,800 per year.

EDUCATION INCENTIVE: Additional money paid for college degree in Fire or EMS related field:  AS, $50 per month; BS or higher, $110 per month.

PENSION:  Retire at 68% of salary for 20 years of service or 85% of salary for 25 years of service. A 5% cost of living increase is provided every 3 years to those who retire with at least 20 years of service. A five year forward or back DROP is available.

Supplemental Information

The first step in the Firefighter recruitment process is to complete the Firefighter X Pre-application. Although the Firefighter X Pre-application might appear to be short in length, those applicants passing the testing process will be asked to complete a much more thorough application at a later date.

You must answer all of the supplemental questions in this pre-application in order to be considered for the position. If you do not answer all questions, you will not be eligible to proceed in the selection process. Your supplemental questions will be screened and if you are eligible to take the written exam, you will receive an email with the test location and further instructions. Please make sure that you check your email for any communication from us regarding your eligibility.

When completing the pre-application be sure to upload the following documents under the "Attachments" section of the application prior to the closing of the Firefighter X Pre-application:

* Florida State Firefighter Certification
* EMT or Paramedic License

If you possess both a Florida State EMT and Paramedic License, it is preferred that you upload only your Florida State Paramedic's License. However uploading either license is sufficient. If you possess both a Florida State EMT or Paramedic License and National Registry EMT or Paramedic License, it is preferred that you upload only your Florida State License. However uploading any one of these documents is sufficient at this stage in the selection process.

Those individuals who have completed the requirements for their Florida State Firefighter Certification or EMT or Paramedic License by January 8, 2016 but have not yet received their certificate to attach to their pre-application must bring their physical document/certificate to the written exam on March 1, 2016 to confirm their eligibility. This only applies to those who have recently completed their certification but have not yet received documentation of their certification. All other applicants must attach the above mentioned documents to their pre-application.

If you are asserting Veterans' Preference either attach your DD-214 Member 4 copy to the "Attachments" section of your Firefighter X Pre-application or fax in this document to 407.246.2019 while writing "Firefighter 2016" on the document. This information must be received prior to the closing of the Firefighter X Pre-application.

Please note that there is no cost associated with completing and submitting this pre-application for Firefighter X.  However, there will be a fee to participate in both the written exam on March 1, 2016 and the Firefighter Skills Test (physical test administered by City of Orlando) during the month of March. The fee to participate in the written exam is $25. The fee for the Firefighter Skills Test is $40.

Only after your pre-application has been evaluated will you be required to submit your $25 payment for the written exam. You will be notified of the status of your pre-application via email. Please note that your pre-application will not be screened until sometime after January 19. At that point you can also check your application status by logging into your online applicant account.

Those individuals who meet the minimum qualifications to proceed on to the written exam will receive an email with further instructions on how to submit a payment.  All payments will be completed online and must be made with either a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit or debit card (no exceptions).  All applicants who are eligible for the written exam will be required to submit this $25 payment in order to participate.

Only those applicants who pass the written exam will be required to pay the $40 fee for the Firefighter Skills Test.  Those applicants who pass the written exam on March 1, 2016 will receive future instructions on how and when to pay for the Firefighter Skills Test.

There will be no refunds if you submit a payment and for some reason are unable to attend the written exam or Firefighter Skills Test.

SAVE THE DATE. The written exam will be held on the morning of March 1, 2016. Exam questions are based on two references: Prehospital Emergency Care (Tenth Edition) -Authors: Mistovich and Karren, ISBN-13 = 978-0-13-336913-7 and Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations (Sixth Edition), ISBN-13 = 978-0-13-314080-4.

Falsification or omission of information will result in rejection of your application or dismissal if you are employed by the City of Orlando. One of the components of the hiring process is a polygraph examination. If you are found to have falsified or omitted any information at any time in the selection process, you will be disqualified even if the accurate information would not have disqualified you. In addition, you may be subject to prosecution under Orlando City Code Section 43.16, False Information. If any portion of this supplemental form is filled out incorrectly or incompletely (e.g., if any questions are left unanswered), your pre-application will not be processed.

Candidates placed on the hiring eligibility list may be asked to undergo additional screening for the position which consists of an interview, polygraph exams, background check, a psychological evaluation and a medical exam.